Monday, November 18, 2013

Netatmo by Starck Thermostat

It may look like the old thermostat that graced your walls when you grew up but this is a newer and more improved version re-imagined by Philippe Starck and Netatmo. If your familiar with Nest then you know about smart thermostats that let you measure and control your home environment. The difference between Nest and Netatmo is that the interface is that much simpler and they have given most of the intelligence to the app instead. Just one more way to make your life more personalized, more streamlined and more comfortable. 

(via fastcompany)

Bear Snow Globe

We barely had Halloween in our rear-view mirror when the local retailers were scrambling to ram Christmas down our throats. Now we love the season as much as the next person but we are only now ready to even think about gift giving and that's probably due to the fact that we need to organize ourselves a bit better this year given an upcoming holiday. So lets start gently shall we? A nice snow globe accessory to commence the festive decorating and stylish enough to keep out all year round. Available here.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Broken Bells - Holding On For Life

An excellent ditty from their forthcoming album titled After The Disco, out January 14th. Available for pre-order through iTunes. 

A Short History Of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson

Who likes reading about science in their spare time? Yah right. We gave that shit up in high school and have never looked back. However, we have so many questions, and truth be told, we like be interesting at parties. Knowing shit is the new black. The above book is probably one of the best reads you'll have all year, and it is definitely the best science book you are likely to ever read. This is because of Mr. Bryson's ability to explain in common english some very complex things. He's also very engaging and humorous at the same time. Covering the creation of the universe and then nearly everything since, this book will have you page turning start to finish. Available wherever they sell fine books. 

Jawbone UP24

We feel a little like we're being punished for being early adopters here, as we jumped on the UP bandwagon early on, and here we are less than a year later and they have released a better version. One we might add has Bluetooth connectivity, something sorely lacking in the original iteration. With the bluetooth connectivity and through the new UP 3.0 app, one can get real time metrics in the form of updates, letting one know when they hit their step goal, or even waking you up once you've achieved your sleep objective. You can see and learn more here.

Castello Cavalcanti by Wes Anderson

A short film (just under 8 minutes) by the incomparable Wes Anderson for Prada. I keep reading that this is just an 8 minute commercial for Prada, but I do not see a lot a haute couture in the film, unless Prada is making 50's era racing suits. Like everything Wes Anderson does, it is eminently charming and thoughtfully wrought. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Converse x Ace Hotel Cons Pro Leather Hi-Top Sneakers

A great collaboration with Converse and the Ace Hotel to commemorate the opening of their newest property in Shoreditch, London. The shoes will be available at Ace Hotel and select Converse First String retailers starting November 15th. 

Killspencer Black Bridle Leather & Paracord Camera Strap

Cuz freakin' cool...that's why. You can see and learn more here. And if we haven't told you already (and we know we have) check out their duffles. Most badass duffles on planet earth. 

Iggy and the Stooges - Gimme Danger

Not new at all. In fact, recorded in 1973, which after giving it a careful listen just blows our mind. Way, way, way ahead of it's time, the entire album from which this song hails, aptly titled Raw Power, sounds just a fresh today as it did in 1973, and laid a lot of ground work for the punk bands that followed years later. Having come out prior to MTV, the album and its songs never got the video treatment. However, a small digital studio titled Wildlife were invited to the inaugural Videophonic Panel at the Promax/BDA in 2012, and the challenge was to give a pre-MTV era song the video it deserves. The pill popping black light psychedelia above suits it nicely. 

Feit Rub Off Accessories

Much like we love our selvedge jeans most about 5 years after the day of purchase and we have them broken in just the way we love them, the Feit Rub Off Accessory line is sorta the that it is all about the break in process. They are made with a rare Rub-Off black vegetable dye that over time gives the items a well worn and camouflage-like appearance. You can see and learn more here.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Fossil Collective - The Water

Off of there latest EP, titled The Water EP, which is out now on iTunes. 

Nixon x Colette Time Teller

Nixon has yet again collaborated with Colette, and this time they drop on us an updated version of the popular, simple, elegant and stylish Time Teller. Gold, gold and more gold with a black Nato watch strap, and limited to 100 move fast. Available here.

Douglas Coupland - Worst. Person. Ever.

"Worst. Person. Ever. is a deeply unworthy book about a dreadful human being with absolutely no redeeming social value. Raymond Gunt, in the words of the author, "is a living, walking, talking, hot steaming pile of pure id." He's a B-unit cameraman who enters an amusing downward failure spiral that takes him from London to Los Angeles and then on to an obscure island in the Pacific where a major American TV network is shooting a Survivor-style reality show. Along the way, Gunt suffers multiple comas and unjust imprisonment, is forced to reenact the "Angry Dance" from the movie Billy Elliot and finds himself at the centre of a nuclear war. We also meet Raymond's upwardly failing sidekick, Neal, as well as Raymond's ex-wife, Fiona, herself "an atomic bomb of pain." Even though he really puts the "anti" in anti-hero, you may find Raymond Gunt an oddly likeable character." Available now through Amazon.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Aero Sphere Fan

The unusual Aero Sphere Fan has deservedly won the prestigious "Best Of The Best” Red Dot Design Award which is awarded for groundbreaking design and is reserved for the best products in a category. Designed in Japan, the sculptural household appliance features a unique honeycomb design, which channels air away from the blades so that it travels much further into the room for more effective cooling. Also included are a AC adapter, remote control and stand. You can see and learn more here.