Thursday, March 10, 2011

Big Lou's Butcher Shop

The Karsten Special Sirloin.  It was yummy!

Big Lou's is carrying on the theme of old world values and aesthetic, similar to Old Faithful Shop or Mr. Lee's, but rather than home decor or fashion they're doing it with meat. Located in the railtown area of Vancouver, Big Lou's is bringing traditional nose-to-tail eating to Vancouver. Carrying great restaurant quality products from local farms such as Polderside, Sloping Hills and Pemberton Meadows, they offer a wide range of products and cuts in the butcher case, but will gladly accommodate custom cuts and orders.  They don't just stop at butcher cuts, but carry a great variety of house made sausages, stocks, dressings, cures and marinades, making it one of the best stops for all you meaty needs.  But wait, there's more!  Big Lou's does a gangbuster business on sandwiches, with in house roasted Porchetta, roast beef, and even a really decent Bahn Mi.

Big Lou's Butcher Shop
269 Powell Street, Vancouver

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