Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Factron iPhone Case

The iPhone camera is not bad.  Add some additional apps, like the Hipstamatic and Tilt Shift Generator, and it can actually be down right awesome.  That being said, you will always be limited with having no lens options to take your pics to the next level.  That was true until now.  What you see above is the Factron Quattro iPhone case and interchangeable lens system.  The case is manufactured in Japan and is made out of an alloy called duralumin, which, being metal and held together over your phone with screws, will definitely beef up the life expectancy of your costly communication tool.  Add the fact that the case comes with a super wide angle, a round fish eye and two macro lenses and you might have the perfect case for the photog in your life.  It also doesn't hurt that you can customize the look a little bit by choosing from a variety of inserts, from carbon fibre to various shades of crocodile, lizard and saddle leather.  The one downside, it's a little on the expensive side ($245) for an iPhone case. However, considering the value added with the durable construction and camera lenses, it's a deal compared to the ubiquitous $35 rubber sleeve.

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