Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Nogg

Last summer, the city of Vancouver amended its bylaws to allow residents to keep up to four chickens on their residential property provided it wasn't in a front yard, or on an apartment balcony.  This was to follow the cities of New Westminster , Richmond, Burnaby and Victoria, as well as other North American metropolis' such as New York, Seattle and Portland.  The purpose behind the new bylaw is to provide people who wish a closer relationship to where their food comes from and to bestow upon them lovely, farm fresh eggs. It can't be a bad idea, with rising food costs, the environmental concerns regarding the shipping of food items all over the world, and the proliferation of pesticides, fumigants, and anti-biotics in foods, that people attempt to be more engaged in the local sphere of food production.  In doing so, there is no reason that one would have to resigned to using 2 x 4's and chicken wire, but rather opt for a more design savvy the one pictured above called the Nogg.  The Nogg is a modern chicken coop that has been designed in the shape of an egg, and has been built to house 2-4 chickens in an aesthetically pleasing coop that is sure to compliment any garden.  It is easy to clean with it's removable tray at the bottom, and the daily fresh eggs are easily accessed through the trap door.  Of course you'll still have to build an enclosure for exercise and feeding as this is only a place to sleep and lay eggs, but we'll leave that design decision up to you.  More pics after the jump.

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