Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Waldorf Hotel

In researching for this entry, it became quickly apparent that to keep this both concise and informative was going to be a near impossible task.  The operators of the re-imagined Waldorf Hotel (yes, the same Waldorf you are thinking of on East Hastings just past Clark) have crammed in so much awesomeness into one relatively small location, that telling you everything would take up far more space than anticipated.  We have however, attempted to keep it concise, so here we go.

First, the bar, or should we say, Tiki Bar.  Just like Trader Vics from the Bayshore in the days of yore, Vancouver is again the proud parents of a deliciously tacky tiki bar.  They serve the requisite tropical themed drinks, but have expanded their drink options to include concoctions from Mexico, Spain and North America.  With an all analog sound system, they are routinely spinning rare vinyl for your listening pleasure while you take in the world's largest collection of Edgar Leetag paintings (literally).  And if you get hungry while revelling in the tiki theme, they serve snacks off the menu's from the Nuba Cafe and the Leetag room.  For information on those and for some more pics, follow the jump.

The Nuba Cafe (seen above) is the tapas spot with a healthy Lebanese themed menu rather than the traditional Spanish. Fresh pressed juices, organic coffee and organic Lebanese faves such as Lamb Kafta and Chicken Tawook.  The Nuba Cafe is open for lunch Monday through Friday and for dinner Wednesday through Sunday.

The Leetag Room (seen above) is the spanish side of the joint, with a thoughtful menu that's built for sharing.  Named after a famed artist and philanderer, the room is awash with his works of art.  The Leetag Room is open for dinner Wednesday through Sunday.

Finally, on Saturday and Sunday from 11 - 4, the Waldorf does the Desayuno Brunch Mexicana serving traditional Mexican dishes such as Huevos Rancheros (seen above), hotcakes, and chef Cesar De La Parra's famous chilaquiles.

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