Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Waldorf Post Part II

A few days back we did a pretty extensive post about the newly refurbished Waldorf Hotel and after our Sunday brunch today we just couldn't resist adding to it.  First the "Mexicano Brunch" was a total hit lined up out the door and if we hadn't been there when it opened at 11, we definitely wouldn't have had the great booth by the window.  From the staff to the food, it was all amazing.  Friendly hipsters, middle aged locals, hung-over twenty somethings and everyone in between made up the clientele.  The breakfast was amazing, Huevos Rancheros with crumbly chorizo, fresh salsa, avocado and perfectly fried eggs and one of the best coffee's we've had outside of Guatemala.  The General Manager was kind enough to open up the Tiki Bar and show us both the upstairs and the downstairs with all the original design brought back to its authentic greatness including the star-lit ceiling and bamboo covered columns.  

Before heading upstairs to the vintage clothing fair lining the hallways, we stopped by the store at reception which tempted us to buy everything from late night snacks like Fun Dip to art/photo magazines, Holga toy cameras and Native baby booties.  It's already our favourite breakfast joint and sadly we'll have to wait in line next time because with all it has to offer it will be everyone else's favourite too. More of our pics after the break.

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