Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Le Flaneur

Le Flâneur (music by The XX) from Luke Shepard on Vimeo.

This video is so brilliant we couldn't help ourselves.   It is an art student project using the music of the "XX" and the visuals and sound compliment each other perfectly, therefore we'll direct our attention to each equally. This video is a very cool time-lapse video of Paris, by Luke Shepard, a student at The American University of Paris. It is composed entirely of still photographs taken individually on his Nikon D90.  If you weren't convinced that Paris was a beautiful city before...this video should help change your mind.  For full effect click the arrows and watch it full screen. The song that accompanies the project is "Intro" by XX.  They were last years critical darlings, and the entire album start to finish is a winner, and definitely worth your attention.

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