Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weird Wedding Memorabilia

So if you are like us, somewhere in your family or circle of friends lies a secret Royals fan.  One popped up with us lately when we discovered that they bought new lounge wear to watch the Wills & Kate Wedding on TV.  This got us thinking, if our close family is purchasing new sweatpants for the event, what are other people buying or manufacturing for the special day?  Would you believe Kiss Me Kate Royal Ale? Nottingham's Castle Rock Brewery originally planned on releasing a limited run of the nuptial inspired beer but demand was too great apparently to deny the masses.
For the other end of the spectrum, those people who openly mock the whole event and those partaking, what about Royal sick bags?  Graphic designer Lydia Leith produced a stylish response to the backlash although it really is still celebrating it.  On April 29th may you choose to commemorate the special day whichever way you see fit, even if it is decked out in a tiara wrapped in a Union Jack guzzling back foreign beer.
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