Thursday, May 19, 2011

Citizen Kane

There is a reason the Citizen Kane sits atop most movie critics list as the best movie ever.  It even sits in the number one spot on the American Film Institutes list of the 100 best films of all time.  Funny things about that is that it is 70 years old this year, and can still enthral an audience better than most modern movies.  It was the prototype for the epic, and is widely praised for it's innovative story structure, cinematography and music, and even 70 years on, it stands up very well.  It was the first movie made by Orson Welles, and the story is based on the life of real life Mr. Moneybags William Randolph Hearst, who was so incensed by the the film that he made it his mission to destroy Orson Welles' career.  The movie was due for a high def transfer to bring it back to its original glory.  Included in the blu-ray package is the DVD documentary "Battle Over Citizen Kane" which talks in detail at the lengths that William Randolph Hearst went to kill the movie and destroy Orson...which is well worth the purchase all by itself.  If you've never seen this movie, yet consider yourself a film connoisseur, we're sorry to inform you that you are a poser.  Go see this movie.  Out officially next Tuesday.

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