Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Far Out

Finding this book Far Out Isn't Far Enough has completely made our day. The author and illustrator Tomi Ungerer moved with his wife Yvonne to an isolated peninsula in Nova Scotia in search of the simpler life. Originally published in 1983 it was recently reissued and is available at Old Faithful Shop, the book cover describes the journey best: "In his inimitable witty style Ungerer records in a 12-month diary the couple's unexpected successes, dramatic calamities and touching personal moments as they fix up their house, rear livestock and get to know their unusual neighbours. More than 150 beautiful and evocative drawings accompany Ungerer's detailed descriptions, creating a vivid impression of the harsh landscape, the townsfolk and the wildlife. Ungerer's attempt to escape the rat race is a true inspiration to all those who dream of becoming self-sufficient, and will delight those who love the great outdoors just as much as the armchair adventurer"

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