Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fuji FinePix X100

We bought ourselves a Leica point and shoot (D-Lux 3) a while ago, because a.) it takes super great photos, b.) is compact and encourages you to take it out with you, and c.) we could not resist it's retro future looks.  Now...we're having a bit of buyers remorse, not because we're not happy with the camera, we definitely are.  We have remorse as the camera above is so sexy we can hardly stand it.  It is so pretty, it is bound to end up being an everyday accessory for the owner, which is a good thing.  It will encourage you take more pics than you normally would.  It also doesn't hurt that it has quiet/stealthy/instant operation, 35mm f2.0 prime lens, gargantuan APS-C sensor, in-camera RAW processing, 1/4000s shutter speed, internal 3-stop ND filter, and motion-panorama. Sure, it has no zoom, but you have two legs already, so do you really need that feature.  More info here.

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