Sunday, May 8, 2011

Imagine Nations

We think that every home should have either an atlas or a globe.  Understanding geography is the first step in understanding culture, and the atlas/globe comes in handy when trying to randomly pick a vacation destination.  That being said, globes can act as a art piece in the home, and the ones above would be great conversation starters.  ImagineNations is the brain child of a graphic artist who wanted to upcycle old, obsolete globes into something useful, namely a show piece. These globes are custom ordered, and hand decoupaged making each and every one unique to the buyer.  There are no shortage of examples in the designers webpage, so picking a theme will be a task unto itself.  But remember, the globes had a life before you, so expect them to have a patina or wear and tear. Also, don't go planning your trip using these globes, as you'll just frustrate yourself trying to book airfare to Siam or Prussia.  More pics after the jump.

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