Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Libratone Beat

Music is becoming increasingly easier to access.  One no longer needs an elaborate hi-fi system and an enormous physical library to listen to their music.  You can buy songs on a whim, compose the perfect playlist, and can use simple plug an play docking stations that provide a very comprehensive soundstage considering their size.  However, there are many, many docks or systems to choose from, with very few having a thoughtful and unobtrusive design.  Even juggernauts like Bose and B&W have docks, but they are so spacey that despite their small stature, they can end up dominating a room.  Enter the Libratone Beat.  Wrapped in luxurious wool, and displaying very little of its features, the Libratone Beat uses a transmitter that plugs into your device, whether Apple or the 30 pin variety, and transmits your music wirelessly, making it less a dock and more of a portable wireless sound system.  Containing a small woofer, midrange and tweeter, the Libratone has a surprisingly full sound despite its size, and using its built in DSP, it provides full room acoustics, essentially simulating having multiple speakers.  The best feature is the audio specific wireless protocol that ensures your music sounds clear and lifelike as possible, with no transfer lag.  You can learn more here.  More pics after the jump.

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