Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sakura Ichiban

With a city that is full of amazing sushi restaurants like Zen, Tojo's etc.  and a seemingly endless supply of bad ones, it's nice to find a medium priced joint that has exceptional sushi too.  We were a bit skeptical since we had never heard of Sakura Ichiban in West Van and we pride ourselves on sniffing out all the local good eats.  Located upstairs on Marine Drive, the interior is immediately welcome and unabashedly simple with the plywood dividers, sunken tables and bad carpeting.  The service was great and we ate too much but with rolls like the Volcano and Mr Bean, we couldn't stop. Did we also mention it was affordable?

Sakura Ichiban
1405 Marine drive
West Vancouver

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  1. omg! That looks UNREAL! I am going to have to head down there and try! Thanks for the post!