Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weber Fireplace

It's just not warm enough at night where we are to fully enjoy our deck yet.  Warm days have yet to yield warm evenings, and we wanted to see if we could find an affordable solution. We've posted a couple times prior regarding fire and places to start them, but none of them could be considered "affordable." More like really, really expensive.  They were, of course, objects of desire.  We have however, discovered something both really cool, and really affordable, and really functional. It's the Fireplace by Weber.  Made to the same standards they used to make their famous barbeques, the Fireplace features porcelain enamel coated lid and base, and a rust proof aluminum heat shield to keep you and you loved ones safe.  The design keeps unwanted sparks from floating off and starting a massive forest or house fire, which is a bonus if using in your backyard.  To extinguish the fire, simply lift the lid, removed the heat shield, and cover with the lid. Fire is now robbed of oxygen and goes out.  Only $159.  More info here.

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