Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pioneer Washable Earphones

The best thing about portable music in the digital era is that you no longer need burden yourself with the cumbersome analog equipment of old, meaning that you can now listen to your favourite pump up tunes to give you that little extra push while getting some high intensity exercise.  And while exercising, the earphones accept more than their fair share of the bacterial burden in that a.) you are cramming them into a waxy orifice, and b.) you can't just dump them in the washing machine like your shorts and t-shirt.  That was true until now.  Pioneer, having a stroke of genius in the vain of "why didn't we think of this sooner," created a set of earbuds that you can hand wash in water.  In fact, they have an IPX7 International Protection Rating making them water proof up to one meter, which is perfect for training in inclement weather, or even swimming if so inclined (shallow water of course). And at only $60, they're a real value.  More info here.

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