Monday, July 11, 2011

Amon Tobin - ISAM Live

If you are not aware, Amon Tobin is a Brazilian musician on the forefront of electronic music.  His latest album, Isam, was released in April and he is touring this summer in support of it.  None of this so far is that earth shattering, until you see what the tour is going to look like.  The above is a two and a half minute short film giving you a glimpse at what the tour has is store, filmed at the tour premier in Montreal. We know that electronic music is not everyone's cup of tea, but that being said, seeing the visuals that he's put together for the tour, we're sure they'll make digesting his soundscape just that much easier.  Please watch full screen to get maximum enjoyment from the visuals.  Unfortunately, Montreal was the only North American tour date for the summer, but he is playing LA in October.  Might just be worth a trip.

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