Friday, July 29, 2011

Brooklyn Slate Company - Cheese Board

Always on the hunt for something new with regards to tableware and serving apparati, we have come across these beautiful slate cheeseboards made by Brooklyn Slate Company.  Aside from the obvious aesthetic advantage over the traditional serving dishes, the non-porous properties of slate make it impervious to mold and fungus while also resisting decay and discolouring.  Due to their natural origins and minimal processing, each product is one of a kind having unique shapes, cuts and colours.  Our favourite is the included soap stone pencil for labelling all the wonderful items you'll be feeding your guests.  That all being said...there's nothing stopping you from taking this idea, and going to a slate or tile dealer in your region and getting almost the same thing, albeit minus the plethora of shapes (just make sure they're not treated).  You can learn more here.

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