Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Melbourne Metal Collective

Platinum, gold and silver are so done.  We know...you're valuble...we get it.  As a species, we have been getting it for centuries.  I mean...let's face it, paper currency isn't even tied to the gold standard anymore, so why are we hell bent on decorating ourselves with the same shiny metal like we've been doing for 100's of years.  It's time to let our desire for these precious metals go.  Just because it's gold or platinum doesn't necessarily mean that the item is nice...it still has to be designed well.  We stumbled upon a jewellery company that seems to feel the same way, and has nixed the shiny usual suspects and has opted for something a little more organic, with a little more thoughtful design.  We like the cuff pictured above, but by no means does this sum them up.  Have a look at some of their great designs 

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