Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pearl Jam 20 Trailer

One of us here at Hipsubscription headquarters have seen every Vancouver Pearl Jam show since 1992.  It goes without saying that we'll go again, and again....and again.  We fell in love with songs like "Alive" and "Jeremy" and have made it a point to get the new material the day it drops.  However, we've always felt a little deprived as there was so little out there to help satiate our minds with Pearl Jam info peripheral to the live shows.  Until recently they did not make videos for the albums subsequent to their first release and rock juggernaut "Ten," and they seemingly abhorred doing any press, leaving the starving fans very few morsels to quench their thirst for knowledge.  With the help of acclaimed director and screenwriter Cameron Crowe, Pearl Jam is opening their vaults and has pieced together a documentary from over 1200 hours of unseen footage, starting at the inception (when they were known as Mookie Blaylock) up until present day.  It is amazing that a modern rock band have survived 20 years together, and having that epiphany has made us realize how old we actually are.  It debuts at the Toronto International Film Festival which starts September 8th, and then to a limited wide release in the fall.  We can't wait for our cup to runneth over.

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