Monday, August 15, 2011

Desktop Jellyfish Tank

Regular fish tanks are so 20th century.  That's why we're putting our money on the jellyfish tank.  Until now, jellyfish tanks have been prohibitively expensive, and the people at Jellyfish Art aim to change that.  For one, the jellyfish cannot go in a regular tank as they get sucked up in the filter and that has historically meant having a fairly costly and specialized tank and filtration system.  For a donation to their cause of $350 (which is substantially less than their competitors), you can help the company produce these bad boys, and be the first to own one yourself...and just an educated guess, also be the first on your block with a jellyfish tank in the house.  As an addendum, you need not worry about not possessing the knowledge and know-how to care for them, as we are told it is as simple as caring for regular fish, which on the scale of pet care sits just above the worm farm.  We're having a hard time seeing the downside.  You can glean more here.

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