Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Edsel Ford's 1934 Model 40

No...that is not a model pictured above. We assure you that the above is in fact a picture of a real car. Despite the dismal history that the Edsel name has with Ford (being the son of Henry and namesake for the first spin-off brand and failure of the Ford Motor Company), Edsel actually had great taste in automobiles. He commissioned this to be made as his personal daily driver, modelling after the roadsters of Europe but having the distinctive American flair. It is one of one, and has been restored to its original glory by RM Auto Restoration in Ontario.  Being that it is the only one in existence, and because it just happens to arguably be one of the most beautiful cars in the world, it just entered the realm of the most expensive cars on the planet. Edsel believed that everyday objects, including cars, can and should be seen as art, providing time was spent in making them so, and we think he definitely achieved that with this car. The car is returning home to the Ford House, Edsel's historic family home and museum. More pics after the jump.

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