Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Icon of Style - Jamie Hince

Most likely you're not aware of who Jamie Hince is, and vis-a-vis, are wondering how he can be a style icon.  Well, to start, he is the song writer and guitar player for the rock duo The Kills. Second, he is a the husband of Kate Moss. Finally, he takes looking like a rock star seriously, having never left the house looking less than being ready for the stage.  Jauntily tied scarves, skinny jeans, great hair, leather jackets, hats of all sorts, and occasionally an impeccably tailored suit...and despite the care we assume he takes in getting his ensembles just so, it all looks so effortless. It is for his lack of having bad days fashion wise (seriously, check him out on Google image, this guy's always put together) that we feel it necessary to induct him into this category early, so that we may look on him now and enjoy, admire and mimic him rather than looking back fondly years from now.  More pics after the break.

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