Thursday, September 1, 2011

Philips Fidelio Soundring

It escapes us why Philips and their consumer home audio products aren't bigger over here in the colonies. They are electronic juggernauts in the rest of the world, but for whatever reason they are really only known in the Americas for their electric toothbrushes. The above is what the rest of the world gets to enjoy, the Fidelio Soundring. Looking suspiciously similar to the Dyson Air Multiplier, the Soundring is in an acoustic class all its own. First, you plug nothing directly into it, but rather use Apples Airplay to wirelessly stream music to the device, which is not only convenient but totally cool. Its central feature is the central bass pipe and its four hi-def drivers; two front facing and two side facing for room filling sound. One problem however, you'll have to pay in British Sterling as this is only available in UK.

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