Sunday, September 18, 2011

Qlocktwo Touch

There really hasn't been that much innovation in the alarm clock. New versions are generally digital reproductions of the mechanical flip number version of the 70's. Biegert & Funk saw this, and thought they could do better, using words to tell the time rather than numbers. There's no denying that this is sexy looking, which is not something that one usually says in the same sentence with the words alarm clock. It is engineered far beyond the needs of a bedside timepiece, being milled from a single piece of aluminum. It is touch sensitive, which is how you engage the snooze function. Personally, we think it a little large for an alarm clock, but mounted on the wall, you have a interesting piece of art that also serves a functional purpose. The faceplate is held on with magnets, making it easy to change to one of the seven available colours to suit your moods...and for the launch, Biegert & Funk are releasing a special edition of all black, with an anodized black casing (shown above).  You can learn more and order here. For tech nerds, there is a "making of" video after the jump.

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