Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nest Learning Thermostat

Firstly...with design cred like the following, we really need say no more regarding the operation of this gadget. It just should be known by the next sentence that this product will work, and will work well and intuitively. It has been designed by Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers, the masterminds behind the design of the iPod and the subsequent iterations as well as the first three generations of the iPhone. We could and should stop there, but there is more to entice you. Over the first week of use, this thermostat will learn your habits, know when you are home or not, and adjusts itself according to your preference, meaning that eventually you won't have to touch it, it'll just know. To learn this, it monitors everything from temperature, ambient light level, humidity and motion to learn the overall routine of the family in the house. It even senses the impending touch of your hand. It learns what rooms are used and when, as well as your temperature preferences so that it never gets to warm or cool, and is never on in a room that is not being used or heat an empty house. To ensure it doesn't heat your home on a hot day, the wi-fi connectivity knows the daily whether and adjusts itself accordingly. You can even control it with your iPhone. According to Nest, over 12 months of use you can save yourself $173, meaning that roughly a year and a half of use and the device has actually paid for itself. Learn more here, and there's a great video after the jump.

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