Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sitka - Clothing and Surfboards

The brand Sitka has been around for a while. We bought a custom shaped board from them years ago, and for good measure got ourselves one of the few t-shirts that they offered...you know, to show our West Coast pride.  Years later, while still making fantastic boards, Sitka have graduated to a full scale clothing company, one with a more mature and especially timely look compared to their board making contemporaries. Always designed with the Pacific Ocean and the Canadian West Coast in mind, their new Fall collection pays homage to the working class of the area from a bygone era. The new Fall 2011 collection is rife with winning casual choices for both sexes, and as always, their visual aesthetic is carefully cultivated to give the clothing context. You can't go wrong viewing their new Fall look book and catalog, as there is sure to be something there for everybody...and the beautiful and lush photography makes the traditional department store catalog look like a fresh turd. You can view the selection here, and see some more fantastic pics after the jump.

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