Sunday, October 16, 2011


We are very lucky living where we do for a number of reasons one of which is the excellent variety and quality of restaurants available to us. Sometimes in Vancouver you can get a bit snobby about it all and forget that there are amazing venues outside of the downtown core and one of those has to be Ulla in Victoria on Vancouver Island. Located in the oldest Chinatown in Canada second only to San Fransisco, this small and fairly new restaurant provided us a night of culinary delight that involves some great food that we could never forget. Starting with crispy semolina polenta cubes which we couldn't stop ordering, an interlude of halibut cheeks but really nothing compared to the short rib steak which we can say with no hint of a lie was the best we have ever had. On top of all this, the owner was lovely and gracious and the space itself warm and inviting. What more can we say, go and eat at Ulla. 

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