Thursday, November 10, 2011

Brixton x Fender

We love us some Brixton...and have for years. We wear our "Brood" at least four times a week despite us being pretty certain it's considered inappropriate in the office but they're too scared to say something to us about it. Brixton managed to work themselves out of just lids over the years and into a nice little fashion house with a rounded out collection of basics and casual essentials for men and women. They've branched out again, teaming up with the people over at Fender, makers of nearly every iconic guitar ever made, and produced a classic looking guitar and LP case. They're you better act fast if it's something that you're interested in...check 'em out here. There is a sweet little video aptly titled "Friendly Union" after the jump showcasing the new cases, and everybody is wearing Brixton.

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