Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Globe-Trotter Luggage

Normally we'd never condone spending $700 on a roller carry-on suitcase (bottom two shown above), but when we first saw a Globe-Trotter suitcase, we wanted to bust out the plastic real bad. Defiant in its old world and simple aesthetic, Globe-Trotter would appear to be bucking the trend of the ever spacier and shiny luggage options on the market, but it only appears that way. They have been making their luggage since 1897, using the same hand-made manufacturing techniques. Each case is uniquely constructed from vulcanized fibreboard; a special material invented in Britain during the 1850's consisting of multiple layers of bonded papers. They are famous and prized for their durability, and are treated like heirlooms, being passed down generation after generation...meaning that it will be the last suitcase you or your kin will ever own. We've seen photos of a very old and very used suitcase, and it looks better with age, having a patina that only years of abuse by nefarious airport ramp rats can accomplish. You can learn more here.

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