Thursday, November 3, 2011


Awwww-yeeaaaahhh! It's movie night! Got our blu-rays, got our favourite spot on the sofa, and we got our popcorn. As usual, before the opening credits have finished we're into the bottom of our bowl of popcorn. A bittersweet moment to be sure, 'cause there's no more popcorn...but there are several of those half popped also kernels swimming in the bottom. They're so crunchy and awesome...we wish there were more. That's where former professional race car driver Mike Fitzgerald comes in. Apparently he loves these little tasty bits as much as we do as he acquired a patent, worked on and tweaked his technique, and now has a process that can make bags and bags of these things. The best part, the process doesn't fully pop any kernels so there is no waste. Soon to be on shelves everywhere we're sure but until they arrive in your town, you can order them online here.

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