Monday, November 7, 2011

Killspencer Weekender 2.0 - Cognac Nubuck

If you read us regularly, then you know that we have an affinity for Killspencer bags. This will be the 3rd post for us regarding a Killspencer product, and they always seem to centre around the Weekender 2.0. Weird. It's just that when you find as close to perfect a product such as this, a product that is equal parts versatility, functionality and beauty, then it is something to cherish. Again, we feature the Weekender 2.0, but this time we are featuring their new colour way of cognac nubuck. As usual, designed and manufactured by caring hands in Los Angeles, California. If you hit the jump, there's a stylishly directed short film showing you precisely how to spend your weekend with your new bag. You can learn more about Killspencer and their products here.

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