Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Playground Sessions

Everyone in their life has at one time or another vowed that one day they will learn to play a musical instrument. We've picked the guitar up numerous times, only to put it down again, and therefore we've really never gotten past being mildly entertaining around a campfire. We've also secretly resented our parents for not forcing piano lessons down our throats as children, because now as adults we're wishing we could be that life of the party type pounding out everybody's favourite tunes in that popular cliche cocktail party way. Fortunately for us, we've discovered Playground Sessions, and can finally put our childhood let downs behind us. Playground Sessions is a downloadable program that aims to teach you piano, but in a far more fun and interactive way than being struck on the hand with a ruler for every error you make. It uses a "play to learn" technique similar to that in the hugely successful guitar hero games, rewarding you for correctly hit notes and keeping track in real time of precisely where you are screwing it all up. It also uses a current contemporary library of music so if you're not into learning Mozart or Bach or Randy Newman you can pick a song that you know and love, shortening the learning curve even further. We've posted a cool little video after the jump showing you just what you can accomplish in 30 days.

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