Monday, November 28, 2011

Senz Umbrella

In our neck of woods, we got walloped with a fall/winter storm this weekend. So much so, that we could no longer be out and about with just our jacket and a hat, but had to bust out the ol' umbrella. Now, the storm we were hit with packed some pretty decents winds in addition to the driving rain, a wind that would have turned inside out or destroyed a normal umbrella. Fortunately for us, we abandoned the normal overhead cover a year ago, and opted for the functional and beautifully awkward umbrella by Senz. We were lured by the unusual design, and the practical long tail, keeping the user dry and not having all the unnecessary overhang in the front. However, this rakish design is actually far more useful than you might think. You see, the umbrella essentialy acts as a wing, not so much providing lift but keeping the umbrella level in winds up to 70mph, meaning unless you're out in a hurricane; and let's face it, an umbrella is the least of your problems, you'll never have to worry about it punching inside out again. If interested, it's available here.

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