Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Aston Martin One-77

Now...Aston Martin isn't exactly the benchmark for the production line...as it took 70 years for them to hit the 10000 units manufactured mark (VW makes more than that in one month).  This despite the ultra modern methods of production they utilize in building their automobiles. The One-77 is a ridiculous piece of kit, pumping out a staggering 750 horses from a twin turbo V-12, and made with materials so exotic your membership to Greenpeace automatically invalidates when purchased (insert hippie crying here). It's hyper limited, 77 units to be exact. Its exclusivity is twofold: one being that a benchmark car for a luxury/supercar brand can't exactly be available to the masses, and the second being the ridiculous levels of hand production. The final product has stratospherically high standards of build quality, performance and luxury...and the buying process is more akin to being fitted in a custom Saville Row suit than purchasing a car. Just how awesome is the bespoke build of the One-77, visit our friends at Wired to get an inside look at the One-77 factory, complete with pics.

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