Monday, December 12, 2011

Chimney House by Office Design A4

We love a fragrant home. Not food fragrant mind you...although that can be good too, but only in the short term. No...we don't want people coming over and smelling soup, but something a little more aromatic. We use homemade fragrant alcohol in our Lampe Berger (read about it), but we also love the smell of incense. It takes us to our travels in South East Asia, and lends a worldly air to the home. There are plenty of very inexpensive incense holders/burners available in the Chinatowns all over the world, or in the asian markets and dollar stores, but we long for something different. We came across this Chimney House incense holder and loved the simple, east meets west design. They are available here...although you need to read Japanese to order, and may need a proxy to get it to you. Personally, we think if one decided they were resourceful enough, they could make their own.

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