Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Confederate X132 Hellcat

Born out of a wanting for "enlightened design through true American inspiration" in a motorcycle, Confederate Motorcycles are marching towards perfection in two wheeled transportation. As you can see by the appearance, the Hellcat, and all Confederate motorcycles for that matter, have a homebuilt rugged-ness about them, putting on display the working parts and mechanics that most bike company's choose to hide. We use the term homebuilt, but these machines are far from that, being hand built by skilled craftsmen in Birmingham, Alabama, and as a result they are not cheap. The Hellcat boasts some pretty skookum features; a unitized motor, transmission, swing-arm frame, and frame mounts in a single core carved entirely from aircraft grade aluminum, a patented drag race powertrain, a big-boned drag race chassis, and a forged one piece S&S crank. What does all that mean? It means 132 horsepower with 150lbs of torque moving less than 500 pounds. In layman's terms...fast. It truly is the American expression of what a sport bike should be, and gives it's Japanese competitors something to shoot for. You can learn more here, and there are some more pics after the jump.

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