Monday, December 12, 2011

Icon of Style - Ava Gardner

We haven't done a style icon post in a while since we were searching for the right one and were having a bit of hard time frankly trying to find a worthy candidate. This changed when we were reminded lately of Ava Gardner who drank like a sailor, swore like a trucker, danced like a vixen and was known as the ultimate beauty of her time. Whether she was hanging out in Spain, enjoying the company of many many bull fighters, on the set of her movies or marrying Frank Sinatra, she was a sensual beauty who will always be seen as an unattainable siren.  She favoured form fitting Hollywood worthy dresses for the press but in her own time she was no less dramatic with over sized glasses, fur coats, cinched waists and her cascading black hair. No wonder she was seen as the most beautiful woman in Hollywood history. More pics after the break.

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