Monday, December 26, 2011

Savage Rivale

Now that all the dust has settled over Christmas, we can discuss with some certainty the Christmas dreams that weren't realized. At the top of our list was the Savage Rivale, which in all honesty, nobody we know could really afford, but we were hoping for some of that Santa Magic. This is the upstart luxury mark by two Dutch design students that was so ingeniously and beautifully designed that investors were not an issue. Limited to a run of 20 over the next five years, this is not a car you should expect to see a lot of. The mechanics are that of a Corvette ZR1, with slight modifications to the suspension and tweeks to the engine. The body is constructed of carbon fibre making very light despite the luxurious materials used inside, such as the teak hardwood flooring. Our favourite features of the car are two: the first being that it is a modular convertible, with the ability to raise and lower the roof in 20 seconds, and the second is the car is a four seater four door. This despite the super car sleek looks of the outer design. You really have to see the rear doors to believe them, and fortunately we've posted a couple of extra pics as well as a slick video showing the car in action.


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