Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sous Vide Supreme

A few weeks back, we posted about one of our favourite restaurants (Ulla) and more specfically, the best piece of animal protein that we have ever had the pleasure of eating. It was a short rib steak cooked at precisely 56.1 degrees for hours, and the result was nothing short of spectacular. The method of cooking was Sous Vide, which is the meat being sealed in a bag and submerged in a warm, circulating water bath. Typically, a Sous Vide can costs thousands of dollars, which is most likely why they are not on the menu at every restaurant, but thanks to the folks at Sous Vide Supreme, it is now a very attainable option for your own home kitchen. At nearly $500, they're definitely not the cheapest tool in your arsenal, but if you think about what you have spent on the All-Clad pans, Le Creuset pots, and the Shun knives, it really isn't that bad. Click the above link to learn more, and check out the recipes... they'll definitely get you salivating.

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