Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beolit 12 - B&O Play

First and foremost, our favourite and highly coveted consumer electronics company Bang & Olufsen is branching out and creating a new sub brand in B&O Play. Bang has always been about design, and their products have always been made from superior materials, and are pieces of furniture unto themselves. Something as simple as the Beo6, which is a remote control unit, is a very beautiful sculptural item, and something that is worth displaying unto itself. Despite their design successes, B&O does not want to remain static or become stodgy and are therefore seeking youthful design input from experienced designers outside the consumer electronics world; from such as modalities as home furnishings, fashion and the art scene. Their first offering is the Beolit 12, which is a portable music player utilizing the magic of Apple's Airplay technology...and of course the standard high fidelity sound that B&O is famous for. However, the real draw to any B&O product has always been the slick design and the Beolit 12 is no exception. The retro-mod design, the metal cladding, and the genuine Italian leather carry strap make this youthful update to B&O a chip off the old block. The Beolit 12 does come in the ubiquitous black that all electronics seem to be known for, but is also available in some other surprising colours. We liked the above. More info available here.

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