Monday, January 23, 2012

Ingri:Dahl 3D Cinema Glasses

We are off the opinion that the 3D television craze is over. Not to digress too much, but the real advancements in television and home theatres will be upon us in the next couple of years, and will circle around how we get the content, and not the content itself. Now...back to 3D. It's not that the tech isn't cool, but there just isn't enough good content to make it worth our while...and we can only watch Avatar so many times. Also, the idea of sitting and wearing impossibly ugly tinted sports glasses for a movie doesn't really appeal to us. That's why, if we were in the market for a 3D television, we would be seriously considering investing in this Kickstarter campaign. It always takes someone removed from corporate banality to really give us something functional and beautiful. Ingri:Dahl has taken the 3D glasses to the realm of Persol cool, and that is something we can get behind. If you are interested in getting yourself a pair (more styles to choose from after the jump) you can invest and get your pre-order here. With regards to our opinion regarding 3D televisions, it is just that, an opinion. We'd be very happy to be proven wrong by the content makers.

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