Wednesday, January 25, 2012

iPhone Sleeve - Makr Carry Goods

It's no secret that we love our iPhones. As of late, we've grown weary of the plastic snap on cases, and have opted to go "naked" every now and then. After all, the iPhone is such a beautiful piece of industrial design it's a shame to not look and feel it in the way Jobs made it. However, we are still not ready to risk dropping that beauty for fear of shattering that pristine Gorilla Glass. Makr Carry Goods, one of our favourite leather works company's, has created an elegant solution in terms of protecting your phone when not in use. Made from Horween leather, and coming in several shades, the iPhone Sleeve is a more classic form which both protects and juxtaposes nicely with the modern form of the iPhone. You can get one here.

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