Monday, January 2, 2012

Lasso Scarf

We're always on the hunt for an interesting scarf, one that can take us from outside to inside and still remain fashionable. Canadian designers Scout & Catalogue have harnessed the inspiration of Mexican beach culture in their bohemian collections. Striving to live a simpler life with ease and lightness being the obvious outcome, the Lasso scarf is our favourite example of their ethos. Made to order, these hand-dyed super thin cotton scarves are made idiot-proof for the fashionably challenged by the addition of the silk or leather lasso's used to secure this large piece of fabric in just the right way. We love the sun-kissed feel of this line with the trendy neon accents and not-so perfect cuts and their advertising automatically transports us to a better climate and slower pace.  Check them out here.

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