Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lexon Titan Clock

We have been forever disappointed in our bedside alarm clock. Sure...it keeps perfect time, and aside from the occasional bout of human error, it has never let us down with regards to our wake up call. That all being said, it is an uninspiring little blob on our night stand...and sometimes, it's banality is so irritating that we can't even look at it. But we sure do like the above Lexon Titan Clock. What's not to like? The design is so elegantly simple, with the dimmable illuminated LED numbers being integrated behind the speaker grill, and the low profile adjustments tightly kept on the top. It is a stylish addition to the bedroom, rather than the ugly intrusion that we've been enduring. We like the bamboo version shown above, but it comes in array of colour options. You can see them all and learn more here.

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