Monday, January 30, 2012

Tiffin Lunch Kit

Let's decide today...all of us...that we are going to look and act like adults when we prepare and enjoy our lunches. By that, let's all make a pact that we are going to do away with the ubiquitous brown paper bag that we've been packing our lunches in since grade school. Adding to that, we will not recycle plastic shopping bags in the afore mentioned paper bags stead. The two previously noted examples, if we are honest with ourselves, are not even close to being environmentally friendly. We will add to this in saying that the plastic dishes with snap on lids, whether the higher priced and therefore luxurious Rubbermaid containers, or the affordable and after a few weeks use disposable Ziploc or Glad variety of plastic vessels are not good ways to be transporting and re-heating your meals. It should be common knowledge by now, that warming up your food in a dish that has its roots in petrochemicals is a bad idea. Therefore, lets opt for something tried, true and tested as well as being beautiful to behold. We therefore give you the Tiffin Lunch Kit, designed by Lorea Sinclaire. The Tiffin, simply put, is a modern interpretation of the Indian lunch box that is delivered daily by a Dabbawala...something that has functioned perfectly for many, many years, and can be used over and over again. We of course, are suckers for both the gleaming white porcelain, and the cork lid. You can order yours here.

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