Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trailer - Coriolanus

Granted, Shakespeare is not everyones cup of tea. We are of the opinion that is has less to do with the story (as the stories are epic and timeless) and has more to do with the language. We understand, but think that it is worth taking the time to read and understand, as it is very culturally enriching. If you don't feel like reading Shakespeare, then watching it always works. We loved Anthony Hopkins in "Titus," and fondly remember watching Playboy's version of "Macbeth" in grade 11 english class. However, after seeing the above trailer for "Coriolanus," one of Shakespeare's lesser known works about a banished hero of Rome who allies with a sworn enemy to take revenge on the city, we are chomping at the bit to see it. Starring, as well as directed by Ralph Fiennes, who looks absolutely menacing, this version of story has been updated to a modern story of political intrigue, espionage, and of course, war.  It's been on the festival circuit and is garnering great reviews, having a 92% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Wide release begins January 20th.

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