Sunday, January 8, 2012

Vizio Windows Based PC's and Laptops

Vizio has become a standard performer in the flat screen TV market, bringing stylish sets at lower prices. Not to rest on their laurels, they are getting into the PC game, and are poising themselves to drop some desktops and laptops this May. Being that both TV's and computers end up being a piece of furniture, it is only fitting that they be stylish in of themselves...a point that many computer manufacturers seem fit to ignore (and this despite Apple's success). Vizio will be entering the game with 24" and 27" all-in-ones (pictured above) as well as two ultrabooks (being the term for the ultra thin optical driveless laptops a la MacBook Air). Although PC's remain the dominating force in home computing, Apple has steadily chipped away at that market share year after year with a blend of intuitive interface and absolutely beautiful and trend setting industrial design. Vizio has borrowed an end run from the Steve Jobs playbook, and judging solely on the looks, they're badass. 

(via TheVerge)

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