Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Koss Porta Pro KTC Headphones

These are obviously a throwback to the Sony Walkman era right? Wrong! They are exactly the way KOSS made them...in 1984. For the last 28 years, KOSS has not changed a thing about these, including their aesthetic. Obviously for some, they leave a little to be desired. However, they have, by far, the best sound quality out of any headphones in their price range, and of those that are priced far higher. We actually have had two pairs since about 2002, and have zero complaints...except that they can be tricky to find locally. They even have a lifetime warranty, so when the connection busts at the jack, you send them back and get a new pair...something that we have done ourselves twice. This is first change to the Porta Pro in 28 years, and all they really did was add a mic and volume control in wire so smartphone users can be included in the retro vibe.  Available starting today. You can learn more and get yours here.

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