Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Offerman Woodshop

They say art imitates life...but this is a really literal interpretation of that cliché. We were introduced to Nick Offerman (not personally but figuratively) through his portrayal of the patriarchal character Ron Swanson on the hilarious show "Parks and Rec." The character initially took a back seat to several of the other main characters, however over the subsequent seasons the Ron Swanson character has become one of, if not the, most popular character in the show with a very loyal following of, we're assuming, fatherless twenty-somethings. We're not gonna lie, we love the guy, especially his photo album of the steaks he has eaten. He is the prototype of the mans man, and suffers no fluff or extraneous adornments to his time or life. That's why we were so happy to see that Nick Offerman doesn't stray far from the character he portrays, operating a wood shop specializing in the time honoured joinery construction of furniture, constructing beds, dressers, benches and even boats. The furniture oozes quality that is just not found in the mass produced imported variety, and will definitely be something that can be passed on generation after generation. Nick sources all the slabs of wood himself, carefully choosing super fine pieces of wood, and only from fallen trees or salvage trunk and all from the fine state of California, preventing this fine timber from becoming fire wood. Nick employs several wood working maestro's who in addition to Nick himself, can aid you in designing and building for you a custom piece of furniture, or to quote their website, "a table for the eating of beefsteaks." We couldn't resist the picture of Nick covered in sawdust so we lead with that, but there are some pics of their work after the jump...and you can learn more here.

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